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50% Off CloudBounce Mini (Lifetime Plan)

Plugin Boutique are offering 50% off the lifetime plan of CloudBounce Mini for a limited time, now only £24.95 / $30.92 (usually £49.96 / $61.91). The offer ends May 31st.

CloudBounce Mini desktop app brings lightning-fast Music Mastering to the new generation of musicians, beatmakers, bands and DJs. 

Experience CloudBounce’s most powerful core features at a price point previously unheard of – with Lifetime access. 

Upload your track and CloudBounce’s intelligent audio engine will produce a professional master within seconds. Create your sonic signature using CloudBounce’s handpicked genre references and tweak to perfection using CloudBounce’s loved EQ and Widener options. Set the correct loudness level and export in .WAV or .MP3 formats. Get that big and wide sound like on your favourite records and distribute with confidence.

Cloudbounce Mini is the streamlined desktop version of the full-fat online mastering system, retaining all the AI know-how and powerful core features. Just fire up the app, connect to the internet and import your track. Within a few seconds you’ll have a high quality master, ready to pack the dancefloor. Lifetime access to Cloudbounce Mini’s suite of features and unlimited downloads means that you can keep on creating without restrictions – all for a one-off purchase.

Unlike the online version of Cloudbounce, this special desktop version sits in your app folder, ready for action whenever you need it. Experiment with the different algorithms and settings, exporting infinite versions until you’re satisfied. Because Cloudbounce Mini has no restrictions for import or export, you can even import an entire album and master all of the different tracks with just one click.

With 3 different options for HipHop, EDM and Default, Cloudbounce Mini will generate a pro-level master in just seconds. Compare your newly mastered track with the original in the straightforward interface, with instant previews where you can easily choose any part of the waveform. Processing can be dialled in from 0 to 200%, stretching the scope of the mastering effect to the max.

If you prefer to give Cloudbounce Mini more direction, open the settings menu to specify changes to bass, mid-range and higher frequency ranges. Make techno dubs darker or trap snares sparkle with these flexible controls. 

Push your master even further into stereo and extend the panorama with the simple Width button. Then crunch the dynamics and loudness with the LUFS dial, or pare things back with more subtle settings. You decide how best to tweak your master so that the sound is as unique as you are.

Features include:

  • Unlimited WAV & MP3 masters
  • CB Default, HipHop and EDM genre options
  • Mastering options: Bass, Mid & Brightness
  • Stereo Widener & LUFS level control
  • Lightning-fast processing
  • Instant previews
  • Lifetime access (incl. future updates)

For more information on CloudBounce Mini, click here: 

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