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APD Are Offering 75% Off Analog Creator Series by WAVDSP

Audio Plugin Deals have reduced the price of Analog Creator by 75% for a limited time, now only $49.00 (usually $199.99). The offer ends June 5th. Don’t forget to check out WAV DSP’s FREE plugins too.

These tools provide a tone shaping technique used on a variety of analog hardware models to add new magical tones and make your sounds more distinct.

Bring the warm analog character, extended colors, and luxurious analog character to your track. To complete your bus, track, and master, this bundle includes emulations of 5 models of very rare analog signal processors.

Analog Creator 34N128
It’s time to start using vintage gear for your music! No matter what genre you’re into, Analog Creator is the perfect tone-shaping tool for adding that vintage touch to your sound. We’ve taken the best from the 34128 series, and put it in a more affordable package so you can use it with
more ease. From subtle color to bold tone, Analog Creator offers the perfect way to craft your sound.

Analog Creator 5A12c
Analog Creator 5A12c is a tone shaping on 512c model. Analog Creator 5A12c, is an effective Tone Shaping tool. You will add some punch on your music with this easy to use plugin. Add characteristic punch on your music. The WD Analog Creator 5A12c is a discrete 500 series model based on real hardware emulation.

Analog Creator 1M73
Analog Creator 1M73 is a 1073 model tone shaper. It is an emulation of the real transformers on the M 500 Series. It has a full-bodied sound with formidable lows, assertive midrange presence, and sweet, airy highs. M Series, more punch but keep gentle like real 1073.

Analog Creator 1V73
The Analog Creator 1M73 faithfully recreates the sounds of classic hardware preamps using real transformers. It is a 73 model tone shaper that gives you the sound of vintage gear without all the noise and cost. With this tool, you’ll be able to dial in your perfect tone for any situation easily and quickly. Plus, it has an easy-to-use interface for even more convenience.

Analog Creator 1X73
Analog Creator 1X73 is a 1073 model tone shaper. It is an emulation of real 1073 model. It has a sweet and gentle to get original sound from 73 model.

Analog Creator is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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