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30% Off Infiltrator By Devious Machines

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The Multi-Effect Evolved

Jaw-dropping effects, expressive control. Infiltrator might just be your new secret weapon.

  • Effects: Up to ten simultaneous effects. Choose from 28 effects, including exquisitely modelled filters, distortion, pitch shifting, FM, delay, reverb, and more.
  • Envelopes: Each effect has its own envelope and speed. Generate random patterns, euclidean rhythms, apply swing, and pitch snapping.
  • Sequencer: Go wild with the sequencer to make your effects come alive. Apply custom combinations of effects across time to create exciting patterns.



Choose ten modules from a huge choice of effects. Infiltrator’s range of analogue filters have been modelled from revered hardware and sound great when modulated. Styles include Ladder, Model-20, 101 and Clean styles.

Infiltrator also offers top-quality distortion, pitch shifting, FM, delay, reverb, and many more modules. Every slot’s primary control can be modulated by audio input level or using the curve editor, which can be triggered by the input audio, MIDI or a sidechain signal.


Punch in any combination of your 10 effects across the 32-step sequencer. Effects curves can be activated separately or together, and at various speeds if desired. With every effect you’ve dialled-in accessible from the sequencer, you can orchestrate anything from a simple combination to an all-out FX firefight.


Master your patch and command the energy. Four macro controls can be assigned to any control you find in Infiltrator, letting you control multiple effects or properties to guide their intensity or character of the effect over time. Infiltrator’s 750+ presets also make great use of the Macros to give you simple controls for tuning in the perfect sound.

Once you’ve hooked up your macro controls (or chosen a preset), you can also control them using automation in your DAW to help fit Infiltrator perfectly with the rest of your track.


Get off-the-grid without using a calculator – Infiltrator has the best swing implementation you’ll have seen on an LFO. Draw your pattern, set a grid size, and adjust the swing amount. The grid, and your points, will move automatically to match the new swing setting.


Choose from eight preset curve shapes or dig into more ready-made patterns. Click the Random button and choose to conjure up a Random Curve shape, a Stepped Curve shape, or a Euclidean rhythm. The random mode uses the grid, pitch-snapping and swing settings.

Pitch Snapping

Some of Infiltrators effects – like Pitch Shifter, Filters with resonance, and more – can be tuned. Program curves in Pitch Snapping mode and the points you draw will gravitate towards actual musical note values, getting you more musical results. Click the button near the main dial and the main knob will move in semitone steps. The graph can be set to a choice of musical scales.

Pitch Snapping mode is also compatible with the curve Randomizer, helping you to find more musically meaningful shapes in a flash.

Audio and MIDI

Infiltrator’s curves can be run like LFOs alongside your DAW’s timeline, or as one-shot envelopes that trigger in the way you choose. Triggering a curve using the audio input level is useful for engineering tasks like applying the same filter to every drum hit; triggering a curve using MIDI gives you precise timing over triggering effect ‘events’ throughout a track.

Infiltrator’s effects can be activated and deactivated using MIDI notes, making it ideal for live use and an alternative to the Sequencer. Envelopes can also be triggered by MIDI, letting you restart an effects curve with every new note played.


The Squash compressor delivers a biting attack that’ll clamp down on and control your sound. You can make your sound fuller using the Maximizer, whose lookahead won’t let anything get out of control.

Need more? Get in-your-face with the Multiband compressor – Infiltrator done the hard, algorithmic headscratching so that you don’t have to. Or if glitched noises are your thing, try opening up Overkill and pushing it all the way to max.


You can turn on the overdrive to add a bit of grit to your filters. The master overdrive can be placed at the start or end of the effects chain.

Infiltrator is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, AU and AAX).

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