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There’s 80% Off Dulcitone Celesta By Realsamples At APD

Audio Plugin Deals have reduced the price of the Dulcitone Celesta by 80% for a limited time, now only $19.95 (usually $99.95). The offer ends June 7th.

This unique tuning-fork piano sports a vibrant, mellow and charming sound reminiscent of a vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba and a piano – yet a sound of its own.

Providing a warm and full bass, it carries more weight than a toy piano and is great for any track demanding an unconsumed yet familiar sound. The Dulcitone delivers – and it does so for all common sample formats, including presets for HAlion®, Kontakt® (full version required) and EXS24® software samplers. The sample library contains nearly 1.500 single samples.

The dulcitone by the British company Dyson & sons is a hidden gem: Built around 1910, this unique tuning-fork piano sports a charming tone remeniscent of a “mellow” vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba and a piano – yet a sound of its own.

It is the ancestor of the modern celesta, and Tschaikowsky wrote some parts of his Nutcracker suite for it. An original dulcitone is hard to play, offering a rough-running and tight dynamic response. We recorded every note with 8 samples, plus 4 varitions of each key release. The instrument was captured with two recordings (microphones close-up and slightly further away).

Originally sampled in 192 kHz/24 bit, it is downsampled to 44.1 kHz/24 bit. The instrument is released within our Edition Beurmann series of historical keyboards. It was part of the collection by musicologist Andreas Beurmann.

Features include:

  • Contains samples of a dulcitone tuning-fork piano built in 1910
  • A sound of its own, reminiscent of a “mellow” vibraphone, glockenspiel and piano
  • Captured with two recordings (microphones close-up/slightly further away).
  • 8 samples per note
  • 4 sampler per key release
  • Nearly 1.500 samples in total

Dulcitone Celesta requires a full version of Kontakt.

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