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PolyBud Multitrack AUv3 – Coming Soon From Cem Olcay

Cem Olcay will soon be releasing another new Bud to add to his ever-growing series of Bud apps. There’s no information on pricing and availability however I believe if all goes well with the beta, the app may be available within the first week of June.

PolyBud is a multitrack polyrhythmic AUv3 MIDI sequencer. You can add multiple note or MIDI CC tracks to each pattern. The note tracks has note, velocity, gate and ratchet modes. You can assign different step lengths to the each mode which would introduce polyrhythmic variations immediately.

Another great feature is each track can run in different rate which is great for creating unique polyrhythmic sequences. Also you can assign different MIDI channels to the each track so that you can control multiple synths with a single PolyBud pattern.

The MIDI CC tracks is great for modulating the synth parameters. You can introduce polyrhythmic modulations by setting the different step lengths and different rates to your MIDI CC tracks. Also, you can set a ramp value for smoothing up the CC value changes per step. If you set the ramp value to 0% then you can have the classic sample and hold modulation.

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