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Black Salt Audio’s Escalator Is Now On Offer For A Limited Time

Black Salt Audio are offering 40% off Escalator for a limited time, now only $48.00 (usually $79.00).

Escalator is a combination of compression, saturation & distortion that allows you to quickly colour your sound with a variety of flavours.

Instantly energize your sound with the turn of a knob. Apply lighter settings to get thicker sounds without the mud or ‘crank it’ for a more aggressive sound without all that harshness.

Escalator will add some light saturation that will add more body and thickness to your sounds. Escalator will start to introduce some compression and gentle distortion. This is great for adding some character and depth to your signal. Escalator will start to introduce a clipping distortion to your signal. Great for making your sounds cut through the mix without them getting too harsh.

Features include:

  • The lower value ranges saturate your sound while maintaining the transients
  • As the value range increases, the more Saturation and Softclipping is applied. Pinning the transients in place and focusing the overall dynamic range
  • The more extreme value range will start to apply a distortion to your overall signal

Escalator is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Escalator, click here:

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