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GrindAmp – New And FREE From Airwindows

Airwindows have released a new FREE amp sim. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple UI designed, a staple in all Airwindows plugins, GringAmp delivers an awesome vibe.

GrindAmp is a followup to FireAmp, and you’ll hear them back-to-back in the video. And where FireAmp is all about that midrange howl and rawness, GrindAmp is a different style: heavier! Thing is, you must understand how these work. They’re distortions voiced to work with guitars, into filtering and truncated, undersampled cab emulation that has dynamic processing. When I say truncated I mean it: there’s very little cabinet rumble or any over-hang beyond the immediate sound. Also, the dry/wet control both brings in dry AMP sound against the cab sim, and also dry guitar sound against the amp sim… at the same time.

So GrindAmp is every bit as much designed for a Rockman-type, extremely direct and dry tone, as it is for an amped, miked tone. It’s sort of a hybrid. Why would you ever do this? For the same reason Def Leppard used Rockmans on Hysteria: you can use this kind of tone to bring in a part without getting in the way of everything else. You can arrange with whole instruments, bringing in stuff to emphasize certain qualities. If you used FireAmp you’d be bringing in extremely raucous midrange, if you use GrindAmp you have a lot more low-end punch and the ability to push the gain a bit higher (though I think it’s at its best when you’re allowing it to be kinda percussive).

GrindAmp is available to PC, Mac and Linux users (VST and AU).

For more information on the GrindAmp, click here:

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