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Immersive Birds 3D Ambience Library By Tonsturm Now Available

Tonsturm have released Immersive Birds 3D Ambience Library, a collection of bird recordings recorded in true 3D immersive. The collection is available in various versions starting at $99.00.

Tonsturm recorded during spring time, mostly in woodlands, in parts of Germany, where you have a a lot of different bird species. From dense choruses to sparse songs and calls, we recorded a lot of birds.

It made sense to also record single birds, while out to hunt nice ambiences. Equiped with a telinga dish, we managed to grab some nice and clean single bird sounds. Included in this soundpack are 59 single bird recordings, recorded with a telinga dish and a Sennheiser mkh 8020 and 8040.

Tonsturm love time of arrival stereophonie. If you have long time of arrival distances, (speak: wide distances between mics), you will get a pleasingly wide image, that will flatter your ears. Especially in a cinema context, but also in a stereo setup or even with headphones. Tonsturm also love immersive 3D audio, so we build, together with Günter Knon from Ambient, a true 3D time of arrival immersive 7.0.2 rig (huh, long name:-)), to cover the needs of todays world, including Dolby atmos. Tonsturm used 7 x Sennheiser mkh 8020 for the 7.0 and 2 x Sennheiser mkh 8090 for the overhead channels.

For more information on the Immersive Birds pack, click here:

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