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Branches By Willow & Oak Updated To Version 2

Willow & Oak have updated Branches, their semi-modular synth to version 2. The update is available as a FREE download to existing users.

Branches is a semi-modular synthesizer inspired by classics of the past. It runs both as a standalone instrument with support for external MIDI input or as a plugin (AUv3) in your favorite DAW app.

Audio from the oscillators are permanently hardwired into the lowpass gates and the default patch is setup to receive MIDI and trigger the lowpass gate for the complex oscillator. This way you can get up and running fast and are then free to experiment with your own patching.

Branches is utilizing what is sometimes referred to as a “west coast” style of processing which in this case means timbre is adjusted by adding harmonics to a basic sine wave. One of the oscillators does this by fading between multiple waveforms freely, the other does it by employing a wave folder and blending it with another user selectable waveform. The first one can also modulate either frequency or amplitude of the second.

Branches support MIDI input on two channels. This allows you to control each oscillator and low pass gate individually if you please, acting as a duophonic synthesizer.

Utilizing the rest of the modules opens up a world of different possibilities – generative random melodies, timbre changing over time, modulation from your host app etc.

What’s new in version 2

  • A refreshed interface that looks better and fits better on a variety of screen sizes
  • Easier interaction for disconnecting specific cables (tap jack, then tap trash can icon on each specific cable)
  • A simple built in clock is available for use when running in standalone mode
  • Two function generators with CV control
  • Delay has been integrated in the audio unit & CV control as been added – send some modulation and prepare for crazy
  • Reverb has been integrated into the audio unit & CV control as been added
  • Clock is now received as 16th notes, but can easly be divided back to 4ths with the trigger divider
  • More divisions available in the trigger divider for better rythmic control
  • CV Sequencer now sends a trigger on each step
  • Better handling of “self patching” and input edge cases
  • Multiple general tweaks and bug fixes

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