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Ryouta Kira Releases KQ Sampei For iPad & iPhone Users

Ryouta Kira has released KQ Sampei, a universal sampler for iOS users available for only $5.99.

Available Sound Set Formats: Sound Font(sf2), Compressed Sound Font(sf3), Downloadable Sound(DLS).

Supports a part of common MIDI messages (GM, GS, XG, MPE).

Includes a MIDI File Player. It supports Standard MIDI Files and RIFF MIDI Files. It also supports multiple ports and loops.

You can customize sound sets with “Modifiers”.

In default, a modifier which adds soft pedal function, and GS Custom Controller mod are being applied. You can select “Original” and disable GS Custom Controller if you want.

Supports Audio Unit v3 and Inter-App Audio. You can use this synth as a plugin for another app such as GarageBand, AUM, Cubasis, etc…

Supports Micro-tuning. Place AnaMark TUN files into Tuning folder.

You can use sound sets as long as the device memory allows.

The actual memory limit seems to be around the half of the hardware RAM.

You may be able to load sounds over the memory size if you turn on “Load On Demand”.

You can play this app with external MIDI devices and Virtual MIDI apps.

Includes a sound set, “GeneralUser GS” by S. Christian Collins.

For more information on KQ Sampei, click here:

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