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APD Offer 86% Off The Proclethya Synth Bundle By Dymai Sound

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 86% off the  Proclethya Synth Bundle by Dymai Sound, now only $12.99 (usually $90.00). The offer ends June 20th.

Get great sounds fast with an easy-to-use synth that gets your creative juices flowing in no time. The bundle comes packed with more than 200 presets that will get you inspired, lift your tracks and get them groovy and ready for the club. You will lose yourself in the outer dimension of instant ear-grabbing arpeggios, basses, sequences, leads and plucks.

Proclethya is a software synthesizer with analog characteristics. It is developed with three fundamental principles of analog in mind. DRIFT, NOISE and DISTORTION. The synth was developed with quick usability and character in mind. It features a drive and saturation around the filter which gives it warmth and that full sound. It is aimed toward club music production such as house, melodic techno, trance and progressive, though there are no rules when it comes to music and creativity.

The bundle includes the Plastika, Wavestorm and Technoport Soundbanks.

Plastika Soundbank for Proclethya 1.0.9 is a set of 35 new patches pushing the limits of the synth. You’ll find no-nonsense patches here, as most of them are instantly usable within a track.

Wavestorm for Proclethya is a soundbank of 50 presets containing sounds with a punch. You will find sounds that are usable on a wide spectrum of productions, but it especially shines in the electronic genre, both underground and upper ground. The pack contains Arps, Basses, Sequences, Leads, Pads. The demo is based on just a number of selected presets.

Technoport Soundbank for Proclethya is a set of 60+ new patches for your arsenal focusing on the techno, melodic techno genre. The sounds ooze of character and dark gloom. Perfect for the dark dancefloor. However, you can find it useful in producing other genres as well. The sounds were designed focusing on a timbre that is full of character and which are instantly inspiring. All sounds in the demos, except for the drums, are from the Technoport Soundbank. Bank contains arps, basses, fxs, sequences, leads and pluck sounds.

Features include:

  • Two main oscillators (with doubling oscillators)
  • Instant warm analog sound via inherent oscillator & filter drift
  • Effective usability – get cool sounds quickly without routing modules and parameters
  • Multiple analog filters
  • FM shaper module per oscillator
  • 10 voice unison and spread per oscillator
  • Additional noise & sub-oscillator
  • HP & LP filters per oscillator to enable creative layering
  • Dual mix mode (crossfade & mixer mode)
  • Two assignable LFO modulators
  • One pitch envelope
  • Filter and volume envelope
  • Filter drive
  • Saturation with optional gain compensation
  • Powerful arpeggiator & sequencer with multiple automatable parameters
  • Delay effect (ping-pong, stereo) with ducking built-in and a widener
  • Reverb effect with ducking built-in
  • Chorus & phaser effects
  • Built-in 3-band eq for sound shaping
  • Toneshaper types I & II for adding depth and width
  • No dongle required – simple serial number protection

The Proclethya Synth Bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information on the Proclethya Synth Bundle, click here:

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