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The New WoodSynth Update Adds New Features & Presets

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio have updated WoodSynth to include some new features and presets.

The new features include:

  • Added Notch Filter type.
  • Added Slice Start modulation to LFO1 and LFO2 (see preset “Dancing on Slice”).
  • Added Slice Start to Sequencer PAR2 (see preset “Slicequencer”).
  • OSC3 phase modulation now done by the samples (was by OSC1)
  • Added velocity to Slice Start.
  • Added velocity to Filter Attack time (velocity 100% -> Attack Time = 0)
  • Bpm DAW button now default on.
  • Fix : touch bar now also working when midi channel set > 0 in layer.
  • Fixed velocity and pressure in Filter Up/Down when Filter/Voice is switched off.

The new presets include:

  • After The Tornado (bass, used live by The Radar Station)
  • Dancing on Slice (bass, demo of LFO1 slice start modulation)
  • I Moan (bass, used live by The Radar Station)
  • POY (Pictures Of You, bass, used live by The Radar Station)
  • Slicequencer (bass, demo of Sequencer PAR2 modulating slice start)
  • Warm Brass (lead, uses keyboard velocity)
  • 4 Seasons, 1 Note (pad, the 4 layer sounds are played by the same note)
  • Cinematic Pad (pad, very slow attack, PM modulation)

About WoodSynth

WoodSynth is a synthesizer with 4 independent layers. Each layer is in fact a synthesizer on its own. Each layer has 3 VCO’s plus a samples based source, coming from a file or from recording the audio track.

Up to 16 voices can be set per layer. Layers can be used in parallel, assigned to a region of the keyboard or used in a sequential mode where the first note(s) on are played by layer 1 and the next note(s) by layer 2 and so on.

This last mode allows to have a different sound per note played (and independent from a keyboard region).

WoodSynth has a polyphonic pitch-bending touch bar which also displays notes received from a keyboard.

Each layer has its own filter and envelope with ADSR per voice, a pitch shifting envelope per VCO, a delay, a basic reverb, a modulator LFO per VCO, 2 general LFO’s and a 16 steps sequencer.

Key tracking can be applied on the ADSR attack and release, on the filter cutoff and on the VCO modulation.

The app can be used stand-alone (device audio input and output) or as a plugin in a DAW.

For more information on WoodSynth, click here: 

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