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Spitfire Audio Have Release Resonate

Spitfire Audio have released Resonate, a cinematic percussion instrument that’s available at the intro price of £149.00, increasing to £199.00 after the promotion. The offer ends June 30th.

For years, half the magic of sound has been disregarded. Films and trailers have delivered gigantic hits in epic technicolour, but neglected the essence of percussion’s power: resonance. A real orchestral strike lives on long after the initial impact dies away—in reverberations that rumble, pierce, rattle, and sing. Those aftershocks have the power to thrill and terrify, lure and intrigue. And now they’re at your fingertips.

Built in collaboration with Dame Evelyn Glennie—one of history’s most influential percussionists—Resonate unlocks the other-worldly mystery, magic, and tension of orchestral percussion. Tuned and untuned instruments collide across fourteen signals, then spin out toward new frontiers of texture, tone, and dimension. There, hits, strikes, and spine-tingling scrapes give way to essential cinematic reverberations, captured at Hollywood’s most celebrated recording hall—AIR Studios.

Resonate combines with traditional percussion libraries, but it also confronts them. It shakes them loose and sets them free. Rather than replicate common concert sounds or repeat overused trailer hits, Resonate explores and unlocks the boundless potential of orchestral percussion—from first strike to final reverberation.

The result is a treasury of sounds that bridges the gap between traditional and experimental scores. These instruments will help you bring your own brazen audacity to straight-ahead orchestral tracks, while simultaneously dialling up the epic on music that’s already uniquely yours. Use these sounds to conjure the strange new rhythms of sci-fi worlds, the propulsive rush of relentless thrillers, and the surreal passion of lives lived with full hearts.

To do so, you need only channel Evelyn Glennie’s ethic of percussion-without-preconceptions. Whereas other instrumental libraries help us realise the scores already in our heads, Resonate inspires us to discover those scores we could never dream up in silence. Rather than hit-then-hit, these instruments compel us to hit-then-listen—and make music out of the forgotten sounds left dancing on the air. Using traditional percussion instruments as resonators, we can discover new soundscapes beyond impact.

A barrel, a thundersheet, a water tank, and timpani—paired, stacked, struck, and bowed with many other co-resonating instruments to create an unparalleled collection of cinematic hits, scrapes, textures, and tones.

Launching these 49 techniques and pairings toward infinite layers of dimension, Resonate sends them down 14 possible signal paths—both organic and treated—and filters them through 6 possible after-effects. Its built-in Grid tool can then collaborate with you to discover and combine thousands of permutated sounds, creating a sonorous ensemble of endless inspiration.

In Resonate, no sound stays familiar for long. Warped signals and effects transform magical reverberations into haunting textures. Strategically-placed mics transport strikes to new depths—inside resonant chambers, beneath instruments, and underwater.

Meanwhile, the instruments themselves never stop surprising. The barrel’s rumbles, rattles, and wails. The thundersheet’s razor-sharp crescendos, hollow gongs, and quivering cries. The timpani’s never-before-heard warbles, bells, and moans-from-the-deep. And the water tank, with its thin crashes, deep quakes, and organically pitch-shifting resonances. All recorded in the legendary cradle of Hollywood’s greatest film scores, AIR Lyndhurst Hall.

Features include:

  • Featuring the following instruments as resonators; Water Tank, Thundersheet, Timpani—played like never before, and Barrell
  • Over 45 different instrumental arteculations
  • 7 Unique mic perspectives such as placed underwater, contact mics attached to resonating chambers, boundary mics spread through the hall
  • Stretch feature: Available solely for long sustained sounds this feature allows you to choose the playback speed of the sample
  • Warp features: With 5 individual FX chains that add character to each sample, ranging from a gritty, textural, yet organic sound, to an endlessly resonating reverb.

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