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Save A Whopping 86% On The Pumping Summer Bundle 2022

W.A Production are offering 86% off their Pumping Summer Bundle 2022. It’s available for only $29.90 (usually $203.20) The offer ends June 30th.

Summer is here, and you know what that means: time for one of our most popular annual deals, the Pumping Summer Bundle 2022! This bundle comes with 5 of our most powerful tools designed to kickstart your production game, all for one low price!

The Pumping Summer Bundle 2022 from W. A. Production is one of our best offers ever! Make your sounds thick and full of character with Combustor, add face-melting crunch with Heat 2, power up your low-end with Fundamental Bass, make your sounds hit harder with MultiBender, and round it all out with the Pumper 3 multi-effect plugin. These tools are sure to become essential in your production process — download this bundle today!

The bundle includes:

Heat 2

Presenting HEAT 2 – the original twin distortion powerhouse, now with a stunning refresh. This face-melting plugin features an intuitive new interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and a host of under-the-hood improvements.

Pumper 3

We’ve done it again… after the release of “Pumper” we wanted to step up our game and give you even more control over the punch and power of your sounds. The sequel, Pumper 3, has been long in development as our team toiled away to retain the stellar performance parameters of the original plugin whilst adding new features. The end result is a multi-effect powerhouse that achieves the level of immediacy, body and depth that our fans expect and their tracks deserve.


Let’s face it, you already own a delay plugin… probably more than one. That’s awesome, but you haven’t heard anything like Multibender.

With delicious multi-band processing and 4 (count ‘em) simultaneous delay modules, Multibender is your tempo-synced solution to creative delay processing. Conjure intricate percussion patterns, wild ping-pong synths and grooving leads with just a few clicks, or less if you use one of the inspirational presets. Each individual delay band has bespoke effects to transform boring keys into wobbly vintage progressions, or tighten up your flabby bass parts with distortion and saturation for dance-floor domination.


Presenting COMBUSTOR – a unique way to create personalized compressor timbres. This inspirational effect features adaptive saturation processing to add character and crunch to your audio, all within a single plugin.

Fundamental Bass

As a famous vocalist once sang, “It’s all about the bass” and in as far as most genres of music are concerned, she’d be correct! Bass line balancing has always been a big challenge for producers, especially at the mixing stage, as the dynamic range of low end material can be huge. If you leave bass lines as they are, then they’ll threaten to unbalance the rest of your mix, but apply compression too liberally and a lively bass sound will have the life sucked out of it. So what to do?

The plugins within the Bundle are available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AXX).

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