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Heavyocity Have Released Foundations Nylon Guitar – A FREE Download

Heavyocity have released a new FREE instrument based around guitars which is available for Kontakt Player. Combining the lush, soft dynamics of a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, a meticulously-crafted sound design layer, and a highly customizable interface – FOUNDATIONS | Nylon Guitar delivers a variety of mellow, ambient sounds specifically developed to enhance your story.

With FOUNDATIONS | Nylon Guitar, we’ve sampled the soft dynamics of a robust nylon-stringed guitar accentuating its warmth and quintessential sound to provide a melodic complement to any modern score.

The organic timbre of this sweet-toned guitar, combined with creatively-processed synthetic elements, transforms the guitar into a myriad of versatile cinematic, hybrid sounds.

Built to be a sound design canvas for artists, producers, and composers of all experience levels, the FOUNDATIONS engine features an extensive palette of sound-shaping capabilities, including ARP, Gate, Space, and ADSR.

Heavyocity FOUNDATIONS was created to introduce all music makers to the dynamic world of cinematic sound. FOUNDATIONS is a line of professional-quality free instruments, designed to inspire the next generation of film, TV, and game scores.

What’s included:

  • 106 Samples
  • 2 Sound Sources:Soft Nylon Guitar
  • Ambient String Texture
  • 10 Custom Presets
  • Gate | Arpeggio control for building complex, rhythmic patterns
  • 2 Channel Mixer realtime source blending
  • Envelope Control
  • Master FX – Punch, Delay, and Reverb

For more information on Foundations Nylon Guitar, click here: 

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