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K-Devices Have Released TATAT – (Unstable) Streams Generator

K-Devices have released another interesting plugin, designed for 3 main purposes: to create always-changing sequences, to quickly sketch and store music ideas, to add unexpected events to fixed patterns. It’s available atbthe intro price of €19.00, increasing to €39.00 after the promotion. The offer ends June 30th.

TATAT generates an infinite and always changing sequences of notes.

You cannot say exactly what TATAT will do, but you can suggest a path to it: by setting up its parameters you can create what we call a mood for TATAT. A mood is a configuration of notes, intervals, time fragmentation, velocity fluctuation, and other factors.

Once you set a mood that you are happy with, you’ll listen to an infinite stream of events, always changing, all staying in the mood.

At this point, according to your needs, you can:

  • Let TATAT play its stream, and make some intervention to control it: to add silence (Less), to obtain smooth accelerando and ritardando (Ratio), to control how TATAT generates intervals. You can enable Key In function to change notes on the fly (with a keyboard, or just feeding TATAT with a MIDI clip).
  • Add some stability by controlling/automating the Liv/Mem slider, moving between the generated stream and frozen patterns.
  • Use TATAT to send its notes to enrich (by enabling Thru) existing/incoming MIDI data/parts.
  • Export a nice mood as a series of MIDI files/clip: just click on the export icon and drag it in you session or where you prefer. For each time you’ll drag it, TATAT will create a new variation of the mood! This is a great feature to create a set of coherent ideas/lines/riffs as a starting point for a new project.

Last but not least: TATAT gives you excellent results both with melodic/harmonic and percussive parts!

TATAT is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU). It’s also available to Max for Live users.

For more information on TATAT, click here: 

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