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Space Control – New And FREE For Mac Users

Raphael Radna has released Space Control, a Mac only multi-track workstation dedicated to the design, realization, and mixture of spatial gestures for electroacoustic music composition. With its simple interface and minimal learning curve, it makes quick and powerful spatialization available to users of all experience levels.

Space Control was conceived over two years as part of Raphael’s PhD work and has made Space Control available as a FREE download.

Features include:

  • Spatialization using up to 128 sources and between 4 and 24 output channels
  • Real-time playback, metering, and editing
  • Offline (faster than realtime) export in multi-mono or interleaved formats
  • Virtual mixer for balancing sources in the spatial mix
  • Per-source volume automation
  • Waveform zoom functionality enabling spatialization on the microsound timescale
  • Algorithmic transformations of spatial trajectories
  • Bass management option with adjustable subwoofer level and crossover frequency
  • Scalable interface with 4 magnification levels
  • Ability to save and load user project files

Space Control is available to Mac users.

For more information and to download Space Control, click here:

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