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RJ Studios Release Pristine Peaks – Peak Limiter

RJ Studios have released Pristine Peaks, an ultra low distortion limiter. It’s available for $59.95.

Pristine  Peaks  is  an  ultra-low  distortion peak limiter for   use   in   both   mixing   and mastering   applications where   the   utmost   in transparent   peak   control   is required.Pristine Peaks  uses  a  novel  approach  to  dynamics control  that  produces  a  very  “clean”  sound that  does not  break  up  or  distort  even  at  high gain  reduction amounts.  Instead  of  saturating or  clipping  waveform peaks,  Pristine  Peaks determines  what  needs  to  be done   to   control the   peaks   and   applies   that   gain change   to the   entire   waveform.   This   results   in extremely  low  THD  that does not increase the gain reduction.

Features include:

  • Less than 0.005% THD at any gain reduction amount (20Hz-20kHz, ISP on) *.
  • No aliasing*.
  • Oversampling option for ISP detection.
  • 4 choices of Dither (16 and 24-bit).
  • Linear Phase input High Pass Filter.
  • Up to 10dB of limiter drive gain.
  • Peak hold meters that capture the max gain reduction.
  • Mono and stereo channel applications.

Pristine Peaks is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Pristine Peaks, click here:

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