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Solo Brass Untamed – New From Westwood Instruments

Westwood Instruments have released Solo Brass Untamed, a brass sample library for Kontakt including Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Flugelhorn, which follows in the same successful footsteps as Solo Strings Untamed. It’s available at the intro of £105.00, increasing to £175.00 after the promotion.

The lungs of the library are the Improvisations. These are performed notes with real human energy and movement. It’s like someone taking your composition and breathing life and emotion into it.

Included with all of the instruments is our unique Storms articulation. Create a crescendo from a calm solo performance through a lively ensemble to a wild outburst of unruly players.

With lots of other interesting long and short articulations to play with. Some more unexpected and unusual than others and all performed with the same human feeling.

Solo Brass Untamed is right at home with alternative scores and is also ideal for layering over bigger symphonic arrangements to add some magic and soul. It’s inspired by eclectic and rule-bending composers like Bernard Hermann, Danny Elfman and Colin Stetson.

The Improvisations aren’t melodic phrases or pre-written music. They are individual notes performed with intention, human energy and natural movement inside them. Never static, always alive.

Every single semitone across the recorded range of the instruments have 3 distinct dynamic layers triggered via keyboard velocity. There’s 4 different variations of each layer too, giving 12 completely unique performances for every note and a total across the 5 instruments of over 1600 improvisations.


Quiet, soft and gently flowing. Unnerving and fragile at times, but with beautiful and subtle changes in timbre. 


Spirited and passionate playing with swells in dynamics and vibrato. A naturally emotive sound that works equally well with both poignant and uplifting music.


Loud and very energetic. Furious, chaotic and definitely where the name ‘Untamed’ comes from. Use sparingly to add accents to your music, or use liberally for an intense and vigorous sonic experience.

In addition to the Improvisations and Storms, there are dozens of other articulations. Some more unconventional than others.

There are super-soft and breathy notes, drones, bends, random surges, flutter tonguing and a good handful of dynamic shorts.

An inspiring and expressive array of techniques that each on their own sound beautiful, or combined together will provide you with some extraordinary characters and moods.

Solo Brass Untamed requires a full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later.

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