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Two New FREE Libraries For Decent Sampler

You can now download two new FREE libraries for Decent Sampler.

Soviet PIF Synth

The Soviet PIF Synth is the raw analog waveforms of a Soviet-era children’s synthesizer. These Pif synths were designed for children. They were produced from roughly 1989-1993 in a city called Ромны in the Ukraine. The factory that produced them, Роменский завод АТС, specialized in industrial telephone equipment, but also made several consumer products including this synthesizer.

Santa Monica Waves & Bells

A series of sample-based instruments, carved from a 5 minute slice of time spent on the Santa Monica beach. The sound of the Pacific ocean turned into an ethereal pad. Bells provided by the chance passing of a Santa Monica beach vendor.

This instrument library comes with several presets:

  • Santa Monica Bells & Waves 1, 2, & 3
    A mixture of bells and wave tones.
  • Santa Monica Waves 1, 2, & 3
    The sound of the Pacific ocean turned into an ethereal pad.
  • Santa Monica Waves Beach Vendor Bells
    The cacophony of several different pitched bells triggering at once.

For more information on the libraries, click here:

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