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Piloslib Is A Multi-Platform Open-Source Library Of Audio & Modulation Tools

Akunull has released Piloslib, a FREE multi-platform open-source library of audio & modulation tools.

Piloslib focuses on synthesis, live electronic music, interconnection, probability, unique sounds, and intuitive interfacing, built by Akunull in Pure Data starting in 2014.

What’s included in the library:

  • Vanilla only patches without expr(~) editable in pd
  • Syntactic sugar to make Pure Data programming more efficient
  • Several ways to make complex rhythms and a global clock to guide it
  • A save and load system with preset management
  • A way to handle per voice modulation for synthesizers
  • Unique modulators for control
  • Tools for generative design
  • Model-(View)-Controller programming architecture
  • An assortment of synths and audio effects capable of some classic sounds and many strange ones

The synths:

  • Rhine-2 osc synth with 2 filters and mhx modulation system.
  • Sentinel-2 osc synth with variable pole lp/bp filter and mhx modulation system.
  • Imp-2 osc synth with a lot of linkage to exponential envelopes and mqu modulation system. Built around synthesizing drums.
  • Ajah-3 osc synth with fm interconnection between them and mhx modulation system.
  • Osciano-Simplest synth, one oscillator.
  • Nbd-Simple bass drum synth.
  • Rhibd-Simple bass drum synth with complex per voice modulation (mhx).
  • Rewbd-Bass drum synth with more saturation options.
  • Ncym-Simple cymbal synth.
  • Nhh-Simple hi-hat synth.
  • Nsn-Simple snare synth.

The audio effects:

  • Asym_tanh-Asymmetry and tanh(x) for non-linear compression, distortion, tape-like saturation.
  • Bellmid_3band-3 band eq with tanh(x) (non-linear compressor) with the middle channel also including the low and high.
  • Eq_3band-3 band eq.
  • Eq_3band_tanh-3 band eq with tanh(x) (non-linear compressor) on each band.
  • Bit_red-Bit reduction.
  • Bp_mix-bandpass filter with dry/wet mixing controls.
  • Lop_mix-lowpass filter with dry/wet mixing controls.
  • Hip_mix-hipass filter with dry/wet mixing controls.
  • Vcf_mix-bandpass filter with dry/wet mixing controls.
  • Vcf_np-vcf (bandpass filter) with variable amount of poles.
  • Vcf_npnp-vcf~ (“voltage controlled” filter) with variable amount of poles and variable “low-pass” or band-pass.
  • Formant_filter-Formant (vowel) filter with 5 formants.
  • Formant_filter_3v-Formant (vowel) filter with 3 formants.
  • Delay_extfb-Delay with external feedback so you can customize the delay line.
  • Delay_ms-Simple delay.
  • Delay_ms_pitch-Simple delay with pitch shifting in the feedback loop.
  • Pitch_shift-Pitch shift via phase vocoding.
  • Downsample-Down-sampler.
  • Retrig-Retrigger/stutter/buffer/beat repeat.
  • Retrig_ij-Retrigger with multiple rates inspired by Instajungle.
  • Tanhx-Tanh(x), a non-linear compressor capable of emulating a lot of saturation and distortion.
  • Vverb-Reverb via freeverb algorithm.

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