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Flandersh Tech Release Stepocea – A FREE Synth

Flandersh Tech have released Stepocea, A PC only polyphonic stereo synth that’s available as a FREE download. Despite being available for FREE, donations are welcomed.

Stepocea is a polyphonic stereo synthesizer for VST3 (64-bit) tuned for spatial, massive leads and pads that evolves in counterpoint.

Features include:

  • Four fat sounding oscillators with pan.
  • Individual convolution reverb per oscillator
  • Dual amp envelope and mod envelope.
  • Dual multitype filters with envelope and LFO.
  • Individual arpeggiators for each oscillator.
  • Oscilloscope and spectrum meter.

Stepocea is available to PC users (VST3).

For more information on Stepocea, click here:

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