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Up To 50% Off In Audified’s Linda Plugin Sale

Plugin Boutique are offering up to 50% off Linda products by Audified. Linda RockStack is now only £17.95 / $21.37, (usually £36.00 / $42.86). Linda IronVerb is now only £41.51 / $49.42, (usually £80.48 / $95.81). The offers end July 17th.

Linda RockStack

As an experienced musician, mixing and mastering engineer, and programmer, Martin Linda exactly knows how he wants his guitars to sound to fit any particular mix no matter the genre. Being a long time user of various amp sims and cab impulses, one day, he started programming his dream machine of a virtual amp to create an amplifier plug-in widely usable across many rock & metal subgenres. Since then, many moons have passed, and by working in close collaboration with Audified’s team of product designers and programmers, they together have made his vision into a total amp sim monster!

This uniquely sounding and unbelievably versatile virtual amp will give you control over a vast tonal palette. Its variability is mind-blowing.

RockStack is a three-channel amplifier plug-in software with an independently switchable effects section and a continuously blendable cabinet impulse section. Equipped with extensive tone-shaping options such as Pre and Post gain EQ and additional Tight, Fat, Body contours, the tonal possibilities of this amp are virtually endless. On top of that, the effects section consists of independently engageable Multi-stage chorus and Delay processing.

Created in collaboration with Linda Audio, this virtual amp is your complete virtual rig, featuring powerful pre-gain & post-gain tone-shaping and mix-ready guitar tones.

Linda IronVerb

Building upon the creative mind of Martin Linda – musician, programmer, mixing, and mastering engineer – Audified decided to collaborate on another product. Previously Audified brought out Linda RockStack, a unique amp designed for the special needs of modern-day guitarists. Now Audified brings you IronVerb – algorithmic reverb with metallic sound character.

IronVerb is a classic algorithmic reverb, perfect for all reverb needs – from subtle, short reverb to huge atmospheric, ethereal, and ambient textures with long decay. The main feature, the Ironize modulation, which adds an iron-like sound to reverb tails. Featuring 6 different modes, a multitude of parameters such as pre-delay, feedback, and damping, you can tweak it for your desires and needs. The modulation section allows mixing vibrato/chorus into the reverb.  Its use is anywhere – from drums, vocals, and guitars, to simulating large spaces such as halls or cathedrals.

Both plugins are available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on both plugins, click here:

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