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83% Off Izotope’s Dialogue Match + 2 FREE Plugins

Plugin Boutique have reduced the price of the Dialogue Match by 83% for a limited time, now only £85.00 / $100.51, (usually £515.00 / $613.15). The offer ends August 1st.

Redeem any 2 of the below plugins for FREE with this purchase (offer expires on 31st July):

  • BX_boom – Make kick drums big 
  • BX_console N – The sound of a Neve console
  • BX_cleansweep Pro – Clean up sounds  
  • BX_control V2 – A powerful monitoring tool
  • BX_crispytuner – Easy vocal tuning
  • BX_delay – For innovative delay
  • BX_digital V3 – EQ your Mid/Side 
  • BX_dynEQ V2 – Dynamically EQ
  • BX_hybrid V2 – Fix problem frequencies
  • BX_limiter – Limiting, with low latency
  • BX_masterdesk – High-end analog mastering
  • BX_meter – Visually analyze your audio
  • BX_opto –  A compressor with colors and character
  • BX_panEQ – A next-level spatial equalizer
  • BX_refinement – Tame harshness 
  • BX_saturator V2 – Add multiband saturation
  • BX_shredspread – EQ your guitars & keys
  • BX_stereomaker – From Mono to stereo
  • BX_subsynth – For holy grail bass fanatics 
  • Mäag EQ2 – A legendary EQ
  • Noveltech Vocal Enhancer – Vocal definition and depth
  • Purple Audio MC77 – The classic 1176 limiter
  • SPL De-Verb – Reduce reverb
  • Unfiltered Audio Instant Delay – Dial-in delay

The makers of RX bring you the next indispensable tool for post-production. Keep your audience in the moment with seamless dialogue recordings.

Dialogue Match Crossgrades

Dialogue Match is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in that learns the reverb, EQ, and ambience data of a dialogue recording. It can then apply the profile to any other dialogue recording, giving your scene audio consistency across multiple environments.

In 2019, iZotope added the complete Exponential Audio product line of reverb plug-ins to our collection of audio software. Working with Exponential Audio founder and renowned reverb expert Michael Carnes, iZotope set out to cure the headache of fitting multiple dialogue recordings to a single scene, even when captured with different microphones and in different spaces. Enter Dialogue Match.

Dialogue Match doesn’t just introduce all-new reverb matching technology; it also combines our EQ and ambience matching tech with the superb engineering and sound quality of Exponential Audio reverbs. A result is a tool that extracts the environmental profile from one recording and applies it directly to another using the Exponential Audio reverb engine, reducing hours of tedious audio editing to mere seconds.

Dialogue Match is just the first example of what’s possible through the iZotope/Exponential Audio collaboration. With Michael Carnes as a part of our team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital audio production, iZotope are poised to deliver even more powerful and inspiring software innovations for music and post production.

Traditionally, the process of matching audio clips recorded in different environments or captured using different microphones required hours of EQ tweaking and reverb crafting—until now. With the ability to instantly learn and transfer reverb, EQ, and ambience content between audio files, Dialogue Match helps maintain a sense of space and atmosphere between your scenes and keep your audience in the moment.

Dialogue Match is available to PC and Mac users (AU and AAX).

For more information on the Dialogue Match, click here:

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