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Vinyl Drums From Mars – New From Samples From Mars

Samples From Mars have been working on their biggest and most original project to date. They pressed a record of acoustic drum hits and re-sampled the results, degrading and processing the vinyl along the way to create an extensive pack of royalty free vinyl drum hits. It’s available for $39.00.

They’re also running our mega sale – right now you can get every pack they’ve ever made for just $59. This includes Vinyl Drums. 

Vinyl Drums From Mars is a collection of acoustic drum and percussion one hits created from scratch, cut to vinyl and sampled. Their most epic project to date, this pack is a love letter to the art of sampling, and pays tribute to the classic and irresistible sound of drums sampled off of vinyl. You’ll get everything from clean, dead and dry, classic vinyl drums, to dusty and degraded, dirty and effected, and completely unexpected sounds…. All royalty free, of course.

Drums sampled off of vinyl changed the landscape of music forever after – laying the groundwork for hip hop, house and countless other sample-based music styles. It’s true that the sound of vinyl can bring many benefits – it can harden a funk snare into a hip hop hit, add dust, flavor, and lovely noise which allows drums to cut through a mix. Like tape, it’s a medium that can just make things sound “better”.

But unfortunately, sampling vinyl comes with many drawbacks. Often in a piece of music, you’re limited to just one or two isolated drum hits (good luck finding cymbals) that probably don’t fully decay before another element comes in. That open snare you found probably had other tracks playing on top of it which increased the noise floor (admittedly cool sometimes). 

Plus, you’re digging through the same records as others, so it can be difficult to find fresh sounds that haven’t already been sampled (or that won’t land you with a pricy lawsuit.

The goal was to capture the magic of vinyl drum one hits without being constrained by these limitations. We chose to create a record of only acoustic sounds, because it allowed us to sculpt everything from scratch, physically, by tuning drums, hitting them certain ways, and capturing everything through mics to tape, thus achieving the highest possible quality and image. They also love the idea of constraints: How can they create a diverse vinyl library from only their in-house drums and percussion? 

Their vintage late 1960s Rogers kit (20” kick, 16” floor tom, 13” rack tom) is one of the best sounding drum kits they’ve ever heard. It sounds punchy and tight, and has a huge amount of character. They did try 8 drum kits before buying it!.  

Being inspired by funk records and the people who sampled them, they knew the Rogers was ideal. First, they multi-sampled the kit cleanly, as it’d be played in a session (letting the drums ring off each other), using an array of vintage and modern microphones, tracking through tube preamps, into their API 1608, to tape, and finally the computer. 

Weighing in at a total of 980 drum samples, they’ve created (20) 16x hit kits, all of which are ready for Ableton, Logic, Reason, FL Studio, Battery, Maschine, and Kontakt. For Ableton users, they even decided to keep a simplified version of the initial individual hits rack, so you can easily select between different recording formats and sounds (don’t worry non-Ableton users, all those samples are also included in the WAV folder).

What’s included:

  • 981 royalty-free vinyl drum samples at 24 bit 44.1k
  • 20 16x hit drum kits for instant jamming
  • Demo WAV and Ableton session included
  • Hits range from clean and dry, crisp and classic, to distorted, pitched, effected, dusty and degraded
  • Types of sounds: Kicks, snares, toms, cymbals, snaps, claps, tambourines, shakers, various percussion
  • Gear used: Eventide H3000, SE70, Overstayer Saturator, DBX 160a, Summit TPA 200B, Ibanez UE 400 and more
  • Tracked to 1/4″ tape on Otari MTR-12 and MX-5050
  • Recorded through an Apogee Symphony MKII and API 1608
  • 100% Hardware processing
  • 661.6 MB Unzipped

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