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DeepGliss Is A FREE Open Source Chord Pitch Bending Plugin

DeepGliss is a FREE and open source VST plugin that facilitates continuous pitch bend between chords. It’s a very useful tool to have in your arsenal and a great alternative to other paid options.

The current version is an early Alpha version with bugs so please use it and report any issues or suggestions to Joshua Postel, the developer of DeepGliss.

DeepGliss requires an instrument with MIDI Polyphonic Expression support such as VitalOperator, or Spitfire String Quartet

How to set DeepGliss up on your system

  1. Move the DeepGliss download to your VST2 plugin directory
  2. In your DAW, route MIDI input into DeepGliss and the MIDI output of DeepGliss into your instrument
  3. Set DeepGliss’s pitchbend range (under settings) to match the instrument’s pitchbend range

DeepGliss is available to PC, Mac and Linux users (VST).

For more information on the DeepGliss, click here: 

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