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VSTBuzz Are Offering 80% Off Dirty Modular By Samplephonics

VSTBuzz are offering 80% off Dirty Modular by Samplephonics for a limited time, now only €29.00 (usually €135.00).

Dirty Modular by Samplephonics is a stunning re-creation of a modular synth, packed full of analogue modelled effects and powerful LFO’s, envelopes and an analogue style step sequencer. It’s able to create a huge range of sounds, from filthy basses and leads to retro 80’s pop to deep melodic pads and everything in between.

It puts the detailed raw sounds you normally get from hours of tweaking on a modular synth at your fingertips, allowing deep and complex sounds to be built easily without fiddling, allowing you to concentrate on the music!

The trademark character and tone of modular synths is something that many VST developers have been striving after for years.

Samplephonics have assembled a huge, diverse range of modular waveforms and textures and then packed them in a flexible, attractive, self-contained modular-style Kontakt interface that allows you to sculpt true modular tones in the box.

With 150+ presets to get you started, you can spend hours tweaking to get the sound you want, or use a preset and tweak it further to make it your own.

Dirty Modular is a very flexible library perfect for a range of styles of music including EDM and film/TV music.

In particular it is great for:

  • Trance – eg. Paul Oakenfold, BT
  • Techno – eg. Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin
  • House – eg. deadmau5, Avicii,
  • Downtempo – eg. Boards of Canada or Moby
  • Film/TV/Underscore – crime, drama, thriller, hybrid etc…

Features include:

  • 8,496 samples from a real modular synth
  • Compatible with the Kontakt Free Player (no need to own a full copy of Kontakt, though owning Dirty Modular will qualify you for a discount if you want to get the full version of Kontakt)
  • Interactive GUI with powerful routing and modulation options
  • 2 oscillators, with a choice of 170 raw sounds per oscillator
  • 150+ presets with more free presets available
  • 3 LFOs (routable to filter, amp or pitch)
  • 3 envelopes (routable to filter, amp or pitch)
  • 2 analogue modelled filters with switchable states (lp, bp, hp), routed in serial or parallel
  • 2 FX modules with switchable chorus, phaser, analogue modelled saturation, screamer distortion, amp distortion, bitcrusher and flanger, with flexible routing options
  • Stereo reverb and delay units
  • Analogue-style sequencer with multiple routing options
  • Preset loading and saving within the instrument, so you don’t have to load samples every time
  • Highly optimised DFD streaming and sample purging for super fast and smooth sample loading
  • The only plugin of its kind available!

Dirty Modular requires a free or full version of Kontakt 5.0 or later.

For more information on Dirty Modular, click here:

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