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Pre-order The Pulsar Modular P11 Abyss Compressor

Pulsar Modular have have launched a pre-order offer on their forthcoming P11 Abyss Compressor. Pre-ordering will save you 35% discount through July 31st. Those who pre-order Abyss get access to the beta group starting August 1st. The pre-order price is €218.00, increasing to €335.00 after the promotion.

One compressor to rule them all.

P11 Abyss covers all compressor topologies:

  • VCA Compressors.
  • Optical Compressors.
  • FET Compressors.
  • Tube Compressors.

A chameleon of compressor that can go super clean competing against the cleanest of mastering compressors or super dirty to compete against the best of the color compressors.

Features include:

  • Organic hardware-like feel & behavior.
  • Pulsar Modular signature EQ for shaping.
  • Options to go clean or transformer types on input and output signal.
  • Super low cpu tax and zero sample latency!
  • Works with Mono, Dual Mono or Stereo signal.
  • All parameters are exposed to your DAW for automation.

The P11 Abyss Compressor is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the P11 Abyss, click here: 

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