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Extinction Level Event – Master Kit – New From Spectre Digital

Spectre Digital have released Extinction Level Event, a Kontakt drum library created to sound so big and explosive it could conceivably be categorised as an ELE (extinction level event). It’s available at the intro price of $84.00, increasing to $99.00 after the promotion. The offer ends August 31st.

Recording great sounding studio drums is difficult, tedious, and most of all: EXPENSIVE.

You need a great drummer, a fantastic room, and the right gear. Not to mention, you need to have years of experience under your belt to know how to get the best sound possible out of your drums. 

The same applies to creating world-class drum libraries.

While there are other drum libraries on the market, they often suffer from one (or many) of the following issues:

  • The shells sound fake due to a lack of dynamic layers
  • The drums are overly processed which makes them one-dimensional
  • Articulations don’t make sense in a musical context because they weren’t sampled correctly
  • The interface is confusing because it wasn’t made by somebody with experience using drum libraries
  • Important features such as room and overhead microphones are poorly implemented because there wasn’t enough space or the proper microphone selection 

So why, exactly, does Extinction Level Event – Master Kit sound so powerful, then? To put it simply: ultimately, users are in complete control of their drum sound. Seeking full control of how the bleed interacts between the shells and the cymbals? Then there is a dedicated BLEED CONTROL page available, allowing users to tweak every aspect of drum bleed, whether opting for the All Bleed setting or balancing Bleed Level for each drum kit part.

Processing? Put it this way: while, to a degree, other drum libraries usually ship preprocessed, preventing the user from making any creative decisions, Extinction Level Event – Master Kit allows anyone to turn off every aspect of processing and shape their perfect drum sound from scratch.

MIDI mapping to create a specific drum map for playing live on a MIDI controller is also a speedily straightforward process, thanks to the dedicated MIDI MAP page.

It is also possible to reroute the multiple outputs of Extinction Level Event – Master Kit beyond stereo so users can control where they want all audio signals to go in their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Extinction Level Event….. requires a free or full version of Kontak.

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