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Bela D Media Release VOCI By Design – A Ethereal Vocal library

Bela D Media have released VOCI by design, an Ethereal vocal library for Kontakt users which is available at the newly released price of $69.99.

As with all Bela D Media products, our niche is sampled voice. This time around, we have done something slightly different. We hope you will find it inspirational. VOCI by design – a combination of careful editing, sound manipulation techniques, and stage noises – coupled with advanced scripting in Kontakt, is a unique and hauntingly ethereal vocal scoring sample library.

Bela D Media utilized the delicate vocal humming of a teenage Soprano soloist (Paravox X) and altered her recordings to resemble a stringed instrument. The result is a breathy, dark, and mournful, string-like vocal. In addition, VOCI by design includes the four choir vowels (V Alto Choir) Ah Ee Oh, and Oo.

Beyond the basic .nki files offered, Bela D Media has created specially set up “Producer” multi-patches. These patches are ready to go – out of the box – and include complete scripting control. The user can assign MIDI channel numbers, adjust balance and volume, and sequence right from within the Kontakt environment.

Features include:

  • 297 mb
  • 183 .wav files
  • 44.1 hz 24 bit stereo
  • 105 mb Kontakt memory
  • 8 nki files

VOCI by design requires a full version of Kontakt 5 or later.

For more information on VOCI by design, click here:

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