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There’s 75% Off FM TiNES 2 By Gospel Musicians At APD

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 75% off FM TiNES 2 by Gospel Musicians for a limited time, now only $49.99, (usually $199.99). The offer ends August 10th.

FM TiNES 2 is a sample and synth library containing over 30GB of the prettiest and most inspirational electric pianos ever heard.

Imagine over 30GB of nothing but the best FM electric pianos from every era. This includes the best of Dynos, Tines, Crystal EPs, Bells, LA Grands, and CPs. Plus the richest of strings, lush pads, and atmospheric effects.

All of this is included into one virtual instrument! Also includes advanced layering, amplification, layer stacking, programmable velocity/key zones and the inclusion of Overouloud™’s VKFX effects suite, which is considered the best keyboard effects package ever created.

Simply put, this is the absolute best FM EP library ever created!

We literally purchased every single 80’s and 90’s synthesizer and sampled any and every electric piano, Dyno, FM, Crystal, or any bell-like piano we could find and added it to one single virtual instrument.

You can stack up to 4-layers of sounds for a massive FM electric piano stack along with custom velocity crossfades and custom key ranges in order to completely sculpt your own sound.

All of our sounds are also available for the new M1 Macs natively, so no need for running in Rosetta mode. Our sounds are CPU optimized for the M1 Macs for maximum performance.

We spent 2-years optimizing our streaming engine for low RAM consumption and fast loading. Most of our sounds will load less than a second, even if the sound is over 2GB in size.

Rarely does a synth come along that has a high quality streaming engine along with analog and wavetable technology all in one synth. Our synth is one of the few that contains an arsenal of high quality samples that you can mix and match with analog and special Warm Wavetable™ technology that creates a rich layer of an amazing soundscape of organic and synth sounds.

Features include:

  • 30GB Library Dedicated only to FM, Dyno, Crystal, Bell, Pads and Piano sounds (20GB Lossless Compression) 
  • 12GB of 300 Brand New Sounds
  • 220 Brand New Presets with automatic random preset generator
  • New Warm Detune to be able to layer a copy of the same sound and detune and stereo spread for super stacked EP sounds.
  • All of the highly requested Crystal EPs, Classic Dynos, TX816 Stacked EPs, LA/MIDIed/West Coast Pianos, MKS EPs, Classic Fantasia/D50 Bells, and all of the classic old school piano sounds. 
  • Ability to stack up to four sounds 
  • #1 All Inclusive FM Tine Library
  • Exact hardware replication
  • 377 Faithful Reproduced Sounds
  • 30GB of All FM EP Sounds
  • 220 High Quality Presets
  • Overloud™ Vintage Effects
  • Unlocks Through FREE Player
  • M1 Native Support
  • Standalone, VST
  • Immediate digital downloads
  • Up to 3-Activations per user

FM TiNES 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, AU and AAX) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on the FM TiNES 2, click here:

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