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COMING SOON – INFLATOR 2 By Devious Machines

Devious Machines are excited to announce the imminent release of INFILTRATOR 2 – a turbo-enhanced version of our critically acclaimed multi-effects plugin.

Having built on feedback from passionate INFILTRATOR fans, our Devious labs have implemented several new features, sprinkled a healthy dose of 2022 creative audio magic and elegant code into the mix, without compromising on the popular user-friendly interface of V1.

The result: INFILTRATOR 2 – the most powerful and transformational one-stop audio-processing plug-in available today, offering meticulous modulation with full automated control over all parameters.

Harness new creative potential as you stack, sequence and modulate your choice of up to ten different effects at once, from the bank of 60 effects and over 1500 exquisitely modeled presets.

If you already own INFILTRATOR, or purchase it now, you will receive a free upgrade to INFILTRATOR 2, when it’s released. INFILTRATOR 2 will be a drop-in upgrade and fully compatible with projects that use the original version.

The new features in INFLATOR 2:

  • Improved modulation: Each individual effect has a second, assignable envelope which can modulate any of its parameters.
  • Expanded Filters: Adding to the existing filter-family collection, meet the new Dual filter (combined lowpass and highpass filter for vowel-like noises), Formant filter (fuller-sounding mode on the vocal formant filter) and Notch filter.
  • Vastly expanded preset library: Now catalogued and categorised to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Vocoder Effect.
  • Enhanced Reverb: The stunning Void allows massive, lush reverb tails. Reflect simulates early reflections and diffuse echoes.
  • New Degrade distortion model.
  • Time manipulation suite: Meet Stretch the granular timestretch; Varispeed – ideal for tape stops and vinyl scratch effects; drop your beats to half time with Slow; Reverse – your audio, but backwards at the touch of a button.
  • Spectral Effects: 14 fresh effects which transform your audio in the frequency domain using FFT
  • Optimised dynamics: Compressor effects in Infiltrator’s Master section are now available as a module alongside a new audio gate module.
  • MIDI CC output: Infiltrator’s envelopes may now be used to control external devices.
  • Latency compensation: More options for smoother preset changes.

Inflator 2 should remain as a PC and Mac plugin compatible with VST2, VST3, AU and AAX.

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