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Chordscape For Kontakt Price Dropped For A Limited Time

ADSR have reduced the price of Chordscape, the soundscape tapeloop sequencer for a short while. Chordscape is now available for only $16.36, (usually $23.37). The offer ends August 17th.

Chordscape is an ambient infinite tape playback machine designed to create evolving modulated dark ambient soundscapes but can be used for all sorts of different sound design scenarios.

Chordscape is now at Version 1.2 with many new features and snapshots included. Updates include:

  • Start/stop playback using a key-switch (either colored Red or Green) at the bottom of the virtual keyboard. MIDI note 31
  • The Mute key-switches have been assigned to key switches MIDI notes 24,26,28 & 29
  • The range of re-pitch keys has been greatly expanded to now cover 4 octaves
  • When using the sound browser Chordscape now immediately starts to play the selected sound, no longer waiting for you to close the browser. This way you can audition sounds whilst the sound browser is open
  • Improved repitch engine
  • Keyswitch assigned to the sequencer Start/Stop button
  • Independent start/stop key switches for each sequencer track
  • Sequencer presets now load from disk
  • 55 additional sequencer presets included
  • 200 brand new snapshots. Now includes a total of 441 snapshots!

Chordscape contains 8GB of sound designed content derived from acoustic instruments, natural recordings, sound design, outboard effects and synthesizers. Each sound has been carefully created from scratch to fit the engine and philosophy of the library by our good friend Erick McNerney.

There are 4 sound sources, an inbuilt browser system, 4 dedicated sequencers and multiple assignable effects

The unique feature of Chordscape is that it is designed to emulate a tape machine. Once you start the Chordscape engine running you can create movement by modulating and automating parameters as it plays. This gives incredibly unique evolving sounds that never stop!

Chordscape requires a full version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

For more information on Chordscape, click here:

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