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Prehistoric Drumkit Sampler – Name Your Price Inc. FREE

As well as being 808 Day, it’s also Loops de la Crème’s birthday!

A couple of months ago, Loops de la Crème came up with the idea to compile organic sounds into a new instrument called PREHISTORIC DRUMKIT.

With such a fun and unique concept, it was an open door for creativity! Loops de la Crème started to record many organic acoustic sounds and complemented them with massive toms, sound design, and percussion effects. 

The work on this new Kontakt drumkit is well underway, and they hope to be able to finish and release the new library during September.

To celebrate their birthday and give you a taste of the upcoming instrument, they’ve resampled and compiled a really cool selection of sounds into a little sample pack called the MINI LASCAUX KIT.

The pack includes samples of stones, woods, percussions, large toms and effects. All samples were directly recorded from Kontakt’s output using the beta presets of the upcoming library.

The sample pack is available now as a ‘name your price’ download: Enter ‘0’ as the price for a FREE download, or make a small donation to help support the completion of the upcoming Kontakt library.

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