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Have released MetaPiano, the first Spectral Modeled Grand Piano out there. It was built upon real sound captures from a Japanese Concert Grand Piano and meticulously rebuilt by math algorithms. It’s available at the intronorice of $59.00, increasing to $89.00 after the promotion.

“It’s so realistic you won’t believe is not the real instrument. And so lightweight you can email it.”

MetaPiano was made upon Spectral Modeling, a technique that provides realistic sounds since it’s based on real samples and not hypothetical approaches like physical modeling.

It sounds real because it is real: sound is created the same way in nature (stacking simple sinewaves together). This is why it feels organic and warm.

We’ve mapped more than 64 groups of timbre components (releases, hammer, key noises, main timbre, resonance, etc) and recreated them by Spectral Modeling, archiving a realistic and warm sound in only 60 MB, and with very low CPU usage.

Thanks to the Spectral Engine, MetaPiano reproduces the full length of the real notes without loops. You’ll hear decays for a minute and more on lower notes.

MetaPiano is built upon the full dynamics of the real instrument. There’s no velocity switching because there are no layers or regions or anything that old sampling techniques needs.

Features include:

  • Spectral modeled 88 notes grand piano.
  • ~60MB.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Based on real samples.
  • No velocity-switching.
  • Scalable HD interface.

MetaPiano is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information, click here:

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