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PatternBud – MIDI CC Sequencer- Coming Soon From Cem Olcay

Cem Olcay will soon be unleashing yet another of his highly useful Bud series of apps. There’s no release date or info on pricing but I have it on good authority that it’ll be landing very soon. 

PatternBud is a multi-track MIDI CC sequencer for sequencing patterns (mainly bud apps). You can assign step durations in bars/beats/note-values/seconds. Steps can also trigger custom actions such as jumping a specific or random step, jumping a specific or random pattern and triggering custom MIDI CC. Basically you can sequence the patterns of your apps very quickly with randomisation abilities which is great for creating songs or long performances.

PatternBud will be available with AUv3 connectivity and be available to iPad and iPhone users.

For more information on Cem Olcay apps and bundles, click here:

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