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impOSCar2 By GForce Software Is Now Half Price!!

ADSR are offering 50% off impOSCar2 by GForce Software, now available for only $64.99 for a limited time, (usually $129.99). The offer ends August 31st.

The GForce impOSCar2 virtual analog synthesizer is modeled on the OSCar – the mythical early ’80s synth many savvy synthesists consider to be England’s answer to the Minimoog. If you crave fat, lush (and frequently outrageous) subtractive synthesis sounds, you’ll find plenty to love here.

impOSCar2 also includes additive synthesis, plus a host of tweakables to keep you stoked. You get dual oscillators and a serious assortment of multimode filters, envelopes, ring modulator, an arpeggiator, Chord Memory, polyphonic and channel aftertouch, mono and poly Unison modes, and a ginormous Patch Library. The sounds? Brilliant, mate. You’re going to love GForce’s impOSCar2.

Successor to our multi-award winning impOSCar software synthesizer, impOSCar2 gives you more: more modulation choices, more sound sculpting opportunities, and more effects. The result is not merely a synth modeled on an ’80s holy grail hardware synth, but a new breed of sound monster with massive expressiveness and tweakability. Since the original impOSCar was released, GForce has paid rapt attention to the wish lists generated by its fiercely loyal users, and incorporated the most meritorious suggestions into impOSCar2.

Utilizing impOSCar2’s various Mono and Poly Unison modes lets you create anything from screaming leads to colossal 8-voice Poly Unison stacks with 16 note polyphony. Further enhancing your sonic horizons, the Unison Detune dial ramps unison voice tuning from understated to completely insane, for the fattest sounds ever to emerge from a virtual synth. GForce’s inclusion of multiple Unison modes make impOSCar2 absurdly versatile.

Process drums, vocals, or any other audio source through impOSCar2’s filters, envelopes, ring modulator, et al, and you’ll unleash serious sonic potential – and possibly sonic armageddon, if you’re not careful. For certain hosts (including Logic) there’s also a side-chained MIDI-controlled Effect available, letting you route audio through the arpeggiator. Now, that’s just sick (and we love it). If you’re into synthesis, the GForce impOSCar2 belongs in your studio.

Features include:

  • Oozes character, playability, expression, and sound sculpting opportunities
  • Successor to the multi-award winning impOSCar
  • Two Oscillators (each with independent pulse width control) and 13 Waveforms
  • Programmable Velocity Responses and Aftertouch
  • Programmable Additive Wave Matrix Grid
  • Comprehensive Arpeggiator
  • Multiple Mono and Poly Unison Modes
  • Side-chained MIDI controlled Effect
  • Nine Filter Types with Drive, Cutoff, Q and Separation
  • 6 Portamento modes with Unison glide voice spread
  • Unison Spread knob enables each unison voice to be spread across the stereo spectrum
  • Chord Memory lets you play a chord, memorize it; then transpose it across the keys
  • Polyphonic and channel aftertouch for extreme expressiveness
  • Massive Patch Library will make you want to play and experiment to the max
  • Three user interfaces sizes accommodate your laptop – or any size monitor

impOSCar2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2 and AU).

For more information on impOSCar2, click here:

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