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Mellowmuse Compressors Are On Offer

Plugin Boutique are offering deals on Mellowmuse compressors for a limited time.

CP1A is now only £22.96 / $27.62 (usually £29.95 / $36.03).
CP2V is now only £29.95 / $36.03 (usually £39.95 / $48.06).
CP3V is now only £29.95 / $36.03 (usually £39.95 / $48.06).

The offers end September 4th.


CP1A is an audio dynamics compressor plug-in, developed for clean, low distortion processing of a range of material; from subtle dynamics taming to creative drum shaping. It employs a multi-stage feed forward design to minimise distortion artefacts, even at extreme compression settings. The interface design is clean and functional.

Separate wet and dry level controls allow the compressed signal to be mixed with the original, making New York style parallel compression super easy. The high pass control for the envelope detector, allows fine control of low frequency compression, great for keeping your kick drum from loosing its thump.


The vintage styled CP2V is a track and program audio dynamics compressor plug-in that oozes character and attitude. With an interface designed with simplicity in mind and multi-stage analogue modeled processing adding smooth saturating harmonics.

You’ll find it equally at home smashing drums, taming vocals or enhancing acoustic guitar. Without a doubt Mellowmuse’s ‘gooiest’ sounding compressor so far!


The CP3V is an audio dynamics compressor plug-in, inspired in part by the classic 1176 analogue compressor. The analogue modelled saturation and compression stages combine to add progressively more warmth to the compressed signal at higher levels, while never sounding harsh.

Together with the ultra fast attack and release time it offers a wide range of creative compression options that will help your tracks cut through any mix.

The compressors are available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the compressors, click here:

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