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WoodSynth Now Has Wavetable Support

WIMSS have updated WoodSynth, their multi-layer MPE synth to include Wavetable support on both iOS and macOS versions.

New features include:

Added Wavetable (playback) support:

  • Wavetable files can be loaded or any sample file or sample recording can be converted to a Wavetable.
  • Wavetable start position (wave number) can be set and changed/modulated by LFO1, LFO2, note velocity or pressure, note position (key tracking), Expression pedal or Mod Wheel, Aux Envelope, Sequencer, or set to a random number for each new note.
  • A new Wavetable display shows an overview (4 waves) and the current wave within the overview.
  • The Wavetable can also be used as source for the 2 general LFOs

Improved Preset Selection with (system) File selection panel:

  • Although this “Browse” panel was already present as item in the Preset dropdown, it now has its own button which makes it always and easily accessible (which was sometimes hard when a preset was selected at the bottom of a long list).
  • The (system) File selection panel also allows to rename, delete, copy, move, duplicate and tag a preset file.
  • The “Add” and “Save” preset also have their own button now (same reason).
  • The spacing in the classic Preset dropdown is reduced to display more presets (less scrolling).

Added Wavetable presets:

  • “Riding the Waves”.
  • “Up and Down”.
  • “Caribbean Waves”.

For more information on WoodSynth, click here:

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