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Concrete Sun – New From Native Instruments

Native Instruments have released Concrete Sun, an expansion that honors the unique flavor of modern Japanese Hip Hop. Made by artists from Japan, the punchy beats feature traditional instruments, such as taiko, koto, and shamisen. It’s available for only £44.00.

Hip hop transcends borders with different interpretations around the globe. CONCRETE SUN pays homage to the Japanese hip hop culture, with its heady mix of 90s aesthetics, eclectic gear, and a rich instrumental heritage. Made from the ground up with Japanese artists, the sonic palette of this expansion is as authentic as it is spirited, enriched with elements of traditional Japanese instruments. Drift through mystical synth presets, rhythmical drum kits, and bold loops to take you full circle through a beatmaking mastery.

CONCRETE SUN was made in collaboration with adaptrook, DJ RENA, Itsuka (Charisma.com), midicronica 716, Phennel Kolliander and SPIN MASTER A-1.

Get inspired by what CONCRETE SUN has to offer: a whole other world of sampling and production techniques with gripping presets. This walkthrough shows SPIN MASTER A-1, one of the Expansion creators, diving into the Expansion’s unique sound.

What’s included:

  • 292 Loops
  • 426 Drum samples
  • 353 One-shots
  • 53 BATTERY Kits
  • 47 MASCHINE Kits
  • 21 MASSIVE presets
  • 6 MONARK presets

Additional info:

Drum samples: 70 kicks, 66 snares, 19 claps, 24 cymbals, 88 hi-hats, 148 percussion, 2 toms

For more information on Concrete Sun, click here:

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