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82% Off Tactic – Phrase Generator By Glitchmachines At VSTBuzz

VSTBuzz are offering 82% off Phrase Generator by Glitchmachines for a limited time, now only €9.00 (usually €49.00).

Tactic is a percussive phrase generator geared towards evolving sequences and metamorphic patterns. It offers 8 sample slots featuring several parameters that allow you to individually sculpt the loaded files with control over pitch, start/end points and amplitude.

At Tactic’s core, you will find the 16 step Trigger Sequencer, which allows you to trigger one of the desired slots for each step. This sequencer features per-step probability settings that breathe life into Tactic’s patterns by allowing you to determine the percentage of chance that a particular step will trigger the associated sample.

The Trigger Sequencer is supported by two Parameter Sequencers that allow you to choose several modulation targets, along with their values on a per-step basis. The Generative Sequencer enables parameter randomization on a per-step basis.

Each of Tactic’s sequencers can be augmented via several attributes that give you control of each lane’s playback direction, beat division and step length. You can also set the trigger sequencer to trig a random slot on any/every step.

All of these functions work together to extend Tactic’s capabilities far beyond an ordinary 16-step sequencer, allowing you to create evolving generative rhythms that are otherwise labour intensive to program manually.

Tactic ships with a specially curated factory bank with over 600 percussion samples and sound effects. While this bank includes all of the necessary elements to allow you to take advantage of Tactic’s strengths, you can certainly  load your own samples in order to fully customize the plugin to your liking.  Glitchmachines also offer a large range of separately available sample packs that cover a broad sonic landscape you can explore to keep Tactic loaded with content for years to come.

Features include:

  • 8 Sample Slots
  • 4 Flexible Sequencers
  • Per-Step Parameter Values
  • Powerful Randomizer Panel
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Factory Sample Bank & Presets

Tactic is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Tactic, click here:

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