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Glänta – The New Dynamic FM Synth For Ableton Users

Fors have released Glänta, a new dynamic FM synth made for Ableton Live 10.1+ Suite (or a Max for Live add-on). It’s available for only €10.00 plus tax.

Glänta is a synthesizer with a simple structure that puts focus on the fundamentals of FM synthesis with a carefully crafted 2-operator core.

From years of expertise and obsession with FM synthesis, Glänta extends established concepts with unique twists that are powerful yet easy to use.

Glänta puts focus on the fundamentals of FM synthesis with a 2-Operator structure that lets you sculpt a myriad of sounds with ease, this is FM done right to its very core, with extended functionality that expands the repertoire of 2-OP algorithms.

Features include:

  • 2 FM Oscillators
  • 1 Flexible ADSR
  • 1 Regular ADSR
  • Stereo phase modulation
  • Oitch-relative unison
  • Dynamic bipolar feedback
  • Cross-modulation
  • Polyphonic note slide
  • Up to 16 voices of polyphony

For more information on Glänta, click here:

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