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Paul Driessen Releases PD Space Guitar Synthesizer For IOS

Paul Driessen has releases PD Space Guitar Synthesizer, a polyphonic low latency waveshaping, pitchshifting app plus more. It’s available at the intro price of $4.99. There’s no information on the post promotion price.

PD Space Guitar Synthesizer pimps up your guitartone with polyphonic saw and square-like waves, pitchshifting, modulation, filtering and more. It brings fluid realtime crazyness to your guitar: unlike distortions and overdrive, these effects work polyphonically.

Allthough this app is made for electric guitar, users have allready succesfulle (mis)used it for several other instruments. All you need is an ios device and an audiointerface for your instrument.

PD Space Guitar Synthesizer runs as standalone and can be remotely controlled via midi. It can also be loaded as an AUv3 plugin inside other apps.

Effects included:

– a simple amp that sounds good for the enriched guitarsound with eq, limiting and overdrive.

– a stereo modulator that gives nice wobbles and athmosphere.

– a delay with feedback tone control.

– delay and modulator can be switched in order.

– a cabinet IR loader for speaker simulation

– a reverb IR loader for reverb

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