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Dark Intervals Release ARTEFACT Cinematic Toolkit

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 66% off the new cinematic toolkit by Dark Intervals. ARTEFACT is available at the intro price of $19.99, increasing to $59.00 after the promotion. The offer ends October 3rd.

ARTEFACT is a toolkit based on ambient pads, ambient motions and various sequences and textures. As opposed to our previous pad instruments we released, these sounds are less synth sounding, and they are supposed to be your ambient bed for various type of exotic, meditational and similar sonic journey.

Artefact is especially useful for ambient music composers and for documentary composers, since sounds you
will get are airy, atmospheric and very experimental sounding.

All sounds are created by wave manipulation, with emphasis on granular manipulation. Wave sources are various: electric guitar, oscillator synths, or combination of very complex waves created from multiple sound sources.

The Instrument is divided into the following categories:

  • Ambient mlMotion (27)
  • Textures and Pads (31)
  • Ethereal Experiments ( 25)
  • Guitar Wonderland (15)
  • Multis (20)

ARTEFACT requires a full version of Kontakt 6.3.2 or later.

For more information, click here:

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