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Clips By Sixth Sample On Offer At ADSR

ADSR have reduced the price of Clipa by Sixth Sample for a limited time, now only $14.25, (usually $28.50). The offer ends September 27th.

Continuing their collaboration with Integraduio, Clips brings you a clipper, compressor and gate packed neatly in one plugin. Combined with its other powerful features, Clips is a superb companion to your mixing and mastering sessions.

Despite its name, Clips isn’t just a clipper. You can quickly switch between a clipper, a compressor, and a gate, within one easy-to-grasp interface. Whatever your dynamics issue is, you’ll be able to fix it with Clips.

The loudness war has been an ongoing discussion for decades, and there is no way around it. Matching the loudness of other records is a necessity for sounding professional. Clipping is one of the best techniques to do this. Use clips on individual tracks to tame unnecessary peaks and get immediate results. When your mix is ready, squeeze every last drop of loudness out of it using the “Out = Ceil” button, which turns Clips into a highly capable maximizer.

Clips includes multiple features to help you process just the parts of your audio you need. The Multiband section makes handling only the problematic frequencies easy by splitting the incoming audio into three separate bands. For control over the stereo field, clips can be toggled between left/right and mid/side modes. This allows you to manipulate your stereo image in endless creative ways without causing phase issues.

Visual representation is always really useful when it comes to mixing. Tiny changes that make a huge difference in the big picture can be really hard to tweak without actually seeing what you are doing. Clips makes it easier to make informed mixing decisions with input and output meters, transfer function representation, spectrum analyzer, and configurable oscilloscope.

Features include:

  • All-in-one dynamics plugin
  • Left/Right and Mid/Side modes
  • Multiband processing
  • Transient shaping
  • Light and dark themes

Clips is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Clips, click here:

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