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Pre-order The New ZORBA Monophonic Soft Synth By Pulsar Modular

Pulsar Modular are offering a pre-order deal on their forthconing ZORBA monophonic synth. Forna limited time, you can pre-order ZORBA at the special price of €83.00, increasing to €165.00 after the promotion. The offer ends September 25th, the release date is “Before the clock strikes 12 signaling the start of 2023”.

ZORBA is a pre-patched soft-synth from Pulsar Modular that is coming soon and when it is out, there is no turning back. 

ZORBA is Tyrant in English and it meansruler who has unlimited power over other people [or synths], and uses it unfairly and cruelly.

Being a tyrant, ZORBA does not like sharing and as such it is a crushing monophonic synthesizer. In its arsenal is a thunderous army of 2 VCO, 1 Sub Osc. 1 Noise Osc. with its own LPF & HPF, dual LFO and Envelopes for VCA & VCF. Ring modulation through a dedicated VCO or side-chain external input. Lunar Lander signature BBD Delay and Plate Reverb are included to make sure nothing can stand in its way.

It will only take a press of a single key to realize that the time has finally come to confidently sell your hardware synthesizer.

PS ZORBA with its super low frequency oscillator can be used to lower blood pressure and put you or your audience into a hypnotic meditative state. Take ZORBA with you and become a spiritual guru! (no scientific data to support this, but you can take my word for it).

50% off for Leap of Faith users now through Sep. 25th 2022. This high discount is a one time offer to “leapers”. Leapers will be able to get access to ZORBA during its development stage. No GUI, sound samples or videos are provided (that is why it is called leap of faith).

ZORBA will be available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

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