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K-Devices Release totem/ Magma – The First In A New Range

K-Devices have released the first plugin in a new range if plugins known as the totem. Magma is an audio processor that grabs incoming audio and twist its presence throughout time, blend it with its past self, unravel its most recondite shades and control its weight in space, creating everything in between dark drones, shimmery textures and weird percussive timbres. Magma is available at the intro price of €19.00, increasing to €39.00 after the promotion.

At the very crossroad between a micro-looper, a granular engine, a sustainer, and a sound warmer, Magma can squash your sounds with reverb-like, big shaking auras, or sprinkle air and make your lines ethereal. Simply load Magma on your track and give your sounds a new identity.

Magma is a sound processor with its very own character. Magic when paired with acoustic sounds, it can transfigure all kind of sources in unexpected ways: it will react differently, according to the input you feed it with. It can either magnify or disintegrate.
Magma can be molten lead, screaming metal, frozen wind. You will handle Magma with care, paying attention on how each parameter acts, according to different contexts. Magma will carry your sound around unexplored territories.

Magma is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 or AU).

For more information on Magma, click here: 

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