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There’s 81% Off The Latin American Percussion + 2 Bonus Packs

ADSR are offering 81% off the Latin American Percussion pack by Black Octopus for a limited time, now only $19.77, (usually $105.85). You’ll also receive 2 FREE bonus packs with the purchase. The offer ends October 11th.

Get prepared for a serious floor shaking, feet stomping, Latin American Percussion bundle of a pack, from the percussion master himself, Basement Freaks!

Containing authentic and rare percussion sounds from over 25 instruments, whether you just need to add some unique and attention-grabbing ear candy to your drums or looking to build some classic percussion from the ground up, this pack has what you need to get that groove flowing.

Recorded with Neuman & Oktava mics and pre-amped with a SPL Goldmike, the 260 plus percussion one-shots let your creativity run wild with a world of possibilities for endless rhythmic patterns.

With an additional 280 Percussion loops bursting with energy and contagious rhythm ready to inject into your tracks. On top of that is a selection of combo loops, drum loops, music loops, and SFX shots providing endless inspiration. Last but not least, is the tasty collection of Fills to help release tension and provide perfect transitions throughout your tracks.

These sounds are perfect for Latin American styles as they’ve got such a catchy rhythm, but they can fit any style needing a bit of life, from House or Funk to Bossa Nova. The wide range of tempos also lends these samples to multiple old-school and new-school styles.

No matter what style of music your producing, grab ‘Latin American Percussion’ to bring the heat to your productions!

What’s included:

  • 286 Percussion Loops
  • 261 Percussion Shots
  • 53 Fills
  • 34 Music Loops
  • 22 Drum One Shots
  • 12 Combo Drum Loops
  • 7 FX One Shots

For more information on the pack and the bonus packs, click here: 

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