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Blue Mangoo Release Transient Shaper For iOS

After a lengthy hiatus, Blue Mangoo aka Mani Consuiting Limited Company are back with Transient Shaper, a high-quality transient designer effect, available for only $5.99.

The plugin’s adaptive filters respond automatically to a wide range of inputs, giving you an extreme level of control over the intensity of transient sounds without the need to adjust complicated settings. The unique filters in the attack envelope allow the attack intensity to be reduced much farther than other transient plugins, to the point of totally silencing the note attack, if desired.

Features include:

  • Adaptive filters handle wide variety of signals automatically without user input
  • Adaptive filters allow the attack adjustment to respond faster, allowing you to silence even the extreme earliest part of the note

What is a transient shaper?

A transient shaper allows you to adjust the speed or intensity of note attacks, making them crispier and snappier, or softening them and reducing harsh click sounds. This is useful if you want to make a snare drum cut through the mix (increase attack) or to soften pick noise on a guitar (reduce attack).

Additionally, it allows you to adjust the volume of the sustain (or release) part of a note, leaving the attack part mostly untouched. This is useful if you want to reduce room reverberation sound on drums, making them sound tighter. Usually what we call the “sustain” control actually adjusts the volume of all parts of the sound except for the attack, so in many cases it functions more like a release control than a sustain control, if we compare it to the controls with those names in an ADSR (Attack, Delay, Sustain, Release) envelope control on a synthesizer.

Except for the unusual ability to totally silence the attack, this plugin does basically the same thing that other transient plugins do. If you already have a transient shaper and you are happy with the way it sounds, this one will sound similar. So the only reasons to buy this are:

  • You don’t have a transient shaper yet
  • You don’t have the Blue Mangoo attack softener plugin yet
  • You do have a transient shaper but you would like one with simpler controls
  • You love collecting plugins

For more information on Transient Shaper, click here: 

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