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NovoNotes Release Ambience Enhancer Standard Edition

NovoNotes have released Ambience Enhancer, a sound field adjustment plugin for 3D audio production. It’s available at the intro price of $58.00, increasing to $68.00 after the promotion. The offer ends Octobet 31st. There’s also a FREE Lite version already available to download.

If your recording contains natural room acoustics but seems a bit dry, use the Ambience Enhancer to enhance the room acoustics before adding artificial reverb. This will avoid the unwanted side effect of adding reverb to the already existing reverberation and will give a more natural result.

The Ambience Enhancer analyzes the incoming audio and decomposes it into ambience and direct component. By adjusting various parameters such as gain, filter, delay, etc., you can control the ambience sound as you wish.
When combined with 3DX, you can instantly create the perfect upmix or downmix. This is also effective when you want to use stereo material to blend into a surround music.

Ambience Enhancer decomposes the input audio into ambience and direct component. The ambience signal is the result of decomposing the original signal, and the plug-in does not add any reverberation or artificial sounds. The processor that separates the ambience is based on the MS technique and uses the phase difference between multiple channels as a cue to separate them. It is effective for stereo and multi-channel sound sources. It is not recommended for use with mono sound.

Read more about each parameter HERE.

Ambience Enhancer is available in 3 editions, Lite, Standard and Multiband.

Lite has simpler functions and is suitable for quick adjustments. It is ideal for adjusting the sound field of individual stereo tracks.

Standard is similar to the Lite edition except that it supports multi-channel in and out, making it powerful for mixing surround and 3D audio.

The Multiband version (coming soon) is the edition with multi-band processing and is ideal for adjusting the sound field of group busses and master tracks. It also supports multi-channel inputs and outputs.

Note that in order to use the multichannel features, your DAW must support multi-channel tracks.

Ambience Enhancer is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the Ambience Enhancer, click here:

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